OhMyForm’s configuration is done with environment variables. To set an option for OhMyForm, open/create your .env file and set add ENV_VAR=somevalue to set the ENV_VAR variable to the value somevalue.

Name Description Default Available Values
NODE_ENV Set which version of the app you want to run(either secure/SSL, dev, prod or test) development One of: development production test secure
BASE_URL   localhost:3000 a valid url
MONGODB_URI required URI of the MONGODB server/db that your server will use localhost/mean A valid MongoDB URI
REDIS_URL URI of the Redis instance that your server will use NULL A valid Redis URI like redis://
SIGNUP_DISABLED Set this flag to disable signups. FALSE “TRUE” or “FALSE”
MAILER_URI required URI of an email instance smtp://localhost:1025  
SECRET_KEY required Secret to encrypt / validate JWT Tokens    
MAILER_FROM Email address that all mail should be sent from. OhMyForm <[email protected]> A valid email
CREATE_ADMIN Setting this variable will create a admin user on startup with credentials as specified below FALSE “TRUE” or “FALSE”
ADMIN_EMAIL Email of generated admin user [email protected] A valid email
ADMIN_USERNAME Username of generated admin user root A string
ADMIN_PASSWORD Password of generated admin user root A string
DEFAULT_ROLE Role of any newly registered user user one of admin, superuser, user
LOGIN_NOTE Markdown Text to show on the Login Page NULL A string
HIDE_CONTRIB ability to remove contribution banner null “TRUE”

yet to be ported env variables


Set this flag to disable subdomains. (Useful if hosting behind an uncontrolled domain or without a wildcard SSL cert)

Default: FALSE
Values: “TRUE” or “FALSE”


Sets the <title> property of your webapp.

Default: OhMyForm
Values: A string


Sets the,property of your webapp.

Default: Opensource form builder alternative to TypeForm
Values: A string


Sets the value of the description attribute.

Default: typeform, pdfs, forms, opensource, formbuilder, google forms, nodejs
Values: A comma-seperated list of phrases/words